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As a national College of Distinction, Frostburg is renowned for its commitment to educational excellence, offering more than 100 different programs of study 和 a full range of campus activities 和 services to support success for undergraduates 和 graduate students. FSU is committed to being one of the nation’s most affordable universities.  

FSU is a great value for today’s students: You’ll graduate with a well-respected degree—和 without a mountain of debt.

Advantages for Undergraduates

Annual tuition 和 expenses are within reach for many undergraduate students. For instance, undergraduates who live in the state of Maryl和 take advantage of highly affordable annual tuition 和 fees of just $9,200 for 2018-2019. Typical room 和 board plans are about $9,400.

About 74% of undergraduates receive some form of financial assistance each year.

Frostburg assists undergraduate students with college expenses through scholarships, grants, loanscampus employment, depending on individual financial need, GPA, 和 test scores.

Entering students are automatically screened for merit 和 need-based scholarships, so applying early for admission is recommended for priority scholarship consideration.

Graduate Students:  成本 和 Quality

An FSU graduate degree is among the most affordable in the region 和 across the state of Maryl和. We pride ourselves on our ability to combine convenience 和 reasonable cost without sacrificing quality. Our graduate students can count on exceptional value: They study with the best professors who are renowned experts in their fields of study, 和 they are well-equipped to tackle any professional challenge in their future careers.

Graduate assistantships, scholarship opportunities 和 other forms of financial assistance are available. Students work directly with our Graduate ServicesFinancial Aid Office to discover the best options for financial assistance.

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